T15 23t Cheapest ASIC Miner Blockchain BTC Bitmain Antminer

Model: Antminer T15
Type: ASIC Miner
Feature: BTC/BCH/BSV Miner SHA256
Specifications:23TH/S±2% |1541W±7% |67J/TH
Size: 486×265×388mm
Weight: 7KG
Payment: T/T USDT
Manufacturer: Bitmain
Keyword: Antminer T15


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1. Antminer T15 is a Cost-effective model,for BTC miner.good ROI
2. One -Stop soolution for you
3. we are an energetic team with solid Sources and full knowledges in mining farm,with rich experiences in blockchain miners buying and selling.



Hash rate 23TH/s ±2%
19TH/s ±2%~20.5TH/s ±2%
Frequency Auto
Fan 2 fans @ 12 V and 2.4 A
Fan speed 6000 rpm
Operating temperature 0 - 40°C
Surrounding humidity 5%~95%(non-condensing)
Noise 76 dB
No. of PCIE connectors 2
No. of hash board 3
No. of chips 180 in total
Chip temperature 80°C
Power consumption 1541 ± 7%
Efficiency 1140 ± 7%~1230 ± 7%
67J/TH   60J/TH
Voltage PSU attached
Weight 7.3 KG
Dimensions 296 x 178 x 220 mm
Packing weight 9.1 KG
Packing dimensions 466 x 243 x 292 mm
Server Size (Length*Width*Height, w/o package),mm(2‐1) 205*175*279
Net weight, kg (2‐2) 6.6
Noise, dBA @25°C (2‐3) 76
Environment Requirements
Operation temperature,°C 0 0 25 40
Storage temperature,°C ‐40 ‐40 25 85
Operation humidity, RH 5% 5% 95%

(1‐1) In Low Power Mode, Max Hashrate should be Typ hashrate *103%
(1‐2) Min condition: 25°C, min J/TH, typical hashrate Max condition: 40°C, max J/TH, max hashrate
(1‐3) Caution: Wrong input voltage may probably cause server damaged
(1‐4) Typ condition: min reference power, typical AC input voltage Max condition: max reference power, min AC input voltage
(2‐1) Including PSU size
(2‐2) Including PSU weight
(2‐3) Max condition: Fan is under max RPM(rotation per minute)


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