Remote operations and commissioning, health and safety, collaboration, decarbonization. Four key trends that will further drive the mining industry forward, helping it to reach productivity goals, remain competitive and grow with technology in 2022 and beyond.


The mining workforce of the future will be one that seamlessly embraces the digital transformation agenda. Mining companies must embrace innovation and partner with a trusted technology provider if they want to attract and retain the next generation of digitally literate talent, and protect their licence to operate.


although the push for sustainability and environmentalism may have headwinds, mining operations are becoming increasingly “green” and also benefiting from the push for materials to build electric cars and renewable fuel sources of energy.


Even the market is not always so positive , but still we shall insist in this industry ,right now the hot models are antminer E9 2400M , iPollo V1 3600M,  S19 XP 140T., V1 mini 300M , Jasminer X4-Q, X4-1U.

Post time: Aug-02-2022
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