Newest Release High Cost-Effective Blockchain Asic Miner Ibelink Bm S1 6.2-6.8th/S for Algorithm

Model:Ibelink Bm-S1

Type : ASIC miner

Feature:Sc Miner

Specifications:6.8 th/S

Power: 2250W

Size:  128 x 201 x 402mm

Weight:10 KG

Payment:T/T USDT


Keyword:SC miner


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Newest Release High Cost-Effective Blockchain Asic Miner Ibelink Bm S1 6.2-6.8th/S for Algorithm

Support POW Blake2B algorithm(SC)

Support mainstream stratum protocol pool

Provide a web interface management platform, simplifying system setup and large-scale deployment

Web interface provides computing power statistics and status monitoring

Support restarting software or system using web interface

Provide power-on system self-check function and monitor chip status in real time

Provide the status display of the power blade LED, which is convenient for large-scale machine management

Provide settings and automatic switching of the main and multiple standby pools

Has independent error monitoring and automatic restart recovery functions of computing power blades

The hardware watch dog ensures that the system can automatically recover from network or system errors

BM-s1 (1)
BM-s1 (2)
BM-s1 (3)
BM-s1 (4)
BM-s1 (5)
BM-k1max (6)


Products Descriptions
Brand iBeLink
Model iBeLink™ BM-S1
Algorithm Blake2B
Coins SC Coin
Hashrate 6.2Th/s - 6.8Th/s
Power Consumption 2250W - 2350W
Nosie 65dB
Net Dimensions 402 mm(L) * 128 mm(W) * 201 mm(H)
Net Weight 9kg
Warranty Period A 180-day warranty is provided starting from the shipping date.
Input Voltage 190V to 240V, 50Hz/60Hz
After-sales Service Call Center and on-line Technical Support

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