New Goldshell Kd6 26.3th/S 2630W Blockchain Miner Wholesale Asic Miners Price Mining Machine KD6 Miner

Model: Goldshell Kd6
Feature: KDA Miner Kadena
Specifications: 26.3t | 2630W | 26.3t
Payment: T/T ,USDT
Size: 264mm x 200mm x 290mm
Weight: 8.5kg
Manufacturer : Goldshell
Keyword: Kd6 Asic Mining


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Glodshell KD6:New generation of self-developed high-performance computing chip
Higher performance and lower power consumption.
KD6 carries Goldshell self-developed high-performance computing chip.
Reducing unit power consumption and increase hashrate to26.3Th/s at the same time.
Excellent and stable computing ability.
The most powerful KDA miner yet in the mining industry

New design of heat dissipation structure
Enhance internal cooling structure, extend the life cycle
KD6 consistent integrated body design, the whole machine is highly integrated.
Safer and more convenient, save placing space
At the same time, deep customization and optimization of the cooling structure.
Improving cooling function, prolong whole life cycle.

Intuitive and visual operating data
Clear background management interface
Accurate display of real-time hashrate of
mining machine.Information such as average hashrate and computing power
fluctuations makes it easy to view the operating status of the device at any time.

Operating efficiency increase 20%
Saving electricity, Getting higher profits
Compare to KD5,Goldshell KD6 reduce the power consumption to 0.1W/G, power efficiency improve 20%
Energy saving& Efficient operating






Also known as

KD6 Kadena miner


April 2022


200 x 264 x 290mm



Noise level











5 - 45 °C


5 - 95 %

Additionnal infos

Blake2S algorithm exclusive for KDA.



The rated computing power of the KD6 , the chip iteration single chip computing power is greatly improved, and the cost-effective optimization unit computing power is cost-effective.By running a large number of calculations of specific algorithms, transactions in the network are recorded, so as to obtain the reward given by to the computing power provider.

Note : Goldshell KD6 is the best miner with the best ROI in the world so far, it is the king among all the miners, with the super good profit each day , it can make you wealthy within very short time. KD6 miner, your best 24 hours free worker , which will never betrays you .

1. Price list:
Contact us to get latest price list everyday.

2. Hash Rate:
+-3% is within the normal range.

3. Payment:
100% payment received to comfirm the order. USDT, T/T, payment are acceptable.

4. Warranty:
Brand New miner: Bitmain, MircoBT, Cannana and Innosilicon will offer 180 days warranty (Count from the date the miner send out from the factory)
Used miner: No warranty available but manufactures offer lifetime after-sales service, like repair.

5. Test:
All used miner will be fully tested before we send them out.

Express, UPS, DHL, by air, and by land are available. For more details, please contact us.

7. Lead Time:
Brand new: brand new Goldshell KD6 miner ready to ship
Used: second hand KD6 miner takes 3-5 days to ship out

8. Return/Refund:
Once you make the payment, we DO NOT accept return or refund. Please be aware of this.


(1-1) Inlet water temperature
(2-1) Caution: Wrong input voltage may probably cause miner damaged
(2-2) Three-phase AC input wires, 10A per wire
(2-3) Operation altitude is recommended below 2000m

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>>Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding to MOQ ,Price, OEM service, Payment, Shipment...

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>>We will send you photos/videos to Guarantee the products are produced according to your requirements.
>>If any sudden problem, we will contact you in time.

After-sale Service

>>We will send you the UPS/FEDEX/DHL tracking number in time for you to check the logistics progress.
>>If any custom problem, we will help you to solve it.
>>brand new products are guaranteed for 1 year warranty from factory. Any quality problem, please contact DW sales person.

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