M32 68T 66T Whatsminer High Profit Asic Miner BTC Mining China Supplier

Model: Whatsminer M32
Type: Asic Miner
Feature: BTC/BCH/BSV Miner SHA-256
Payment: T/T ,USDT
Keyword M32 68T 66T
Feature of Whatsminer M32


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Feature of Whatsminer M32

Product name : whatsminer M32 68T 66T
Normal hashrate: 68T ±5%
Power on wall : 3312W ±5%
Power specification : P21D AC200V-277V
Working temperature : -5—35℃
Miner weight : 10.5kg
Miner size : 39*19*24cm
Network connection :Ethernet
Advantage : High Efficiency all in one , high hashrate, easy to dissipate .

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DW Mining  is a leading global graphics card and ASIC miner  wholesaler dedicated in offering brand new and second hand video cards and ASIC miner power supply, and spare parts .We have shipped over 500,800 machines to over 6000 international customers and entered into new and stable partnership worldwide. With professional one stop solution service and technical supports provided to all our valued clients, DW mining has won unanimous praise from all our verseas customers

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