M30S 88T M30S+ 100T M30S++112T WhatsMiner High Profit BTC Miner Best Buy Mining Machine

Model: Whatsminer M30S+
Type: Asic Miner
Feature: BTC/BCH/BSV Miner SHA-256
Payment: T/T ,USDT
Size: 155 x 225 x 425MM
Keywords M30S 88T , M30S+ 100T , M30S++ 112T


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About Bitmicro

Since the third halving of the industry in early 2020, overseas investment institutions have entered one after another, and overseas encryption mining has developed rapidly. After two years of preparation, Shenma's overseas layout has developed rapidly and successfully won extensive support from mining giants. Now, Shenma has established an overseas production support system in various links such as production, supply and after-sales service, and initially has the ability to escort the development of overseas mining industry.

Facing the increasing global demand for encryption investment and mining, Shenma has actively developed and built overseas factories since 2019 and completed the construction of the first overseas factory in September 2020. With the support of foundry, the mass production target has been quickly achieved. At present, overseas factories have realized the scale of producing thousands of units per month, and have supplied them to foundry and its overseas customers in batches, with stable delivery. In 2021, Shenma Southeast Asia plant will continue to optimize on the existing basis to achieve more large-scale supply.

Note : Whatsminer has been recognized by market in a very good reputation ,most of the models such as whatsminer M30S++ 112T 110T , M30S+ 100T , M30S 88T , M31S+ 80T, M21S 58T, M20S+ 68T , no matter brand new or used whatsminer , they all perform very well in reality , very low failure rate. For new starters, you should start with whatsminer machine without any hesitation. Contact our team for more info .

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