L3+ L3++ Control Board PCB PCBA Controller Miner Control Board

Item : L3+ L3++ control board
Video memory capacity :1024MB
Fit For : L3++ L3+ miner
Status :In stock for miners
Certificate: FCC


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L3+ L3++ control board Ready to ship, we have many other control boards in stock , including S17+ , T17, S19jpro , S19pro ,T19 , M20S, M21S, M30S, M31S,  A1247,  L7 , A11, A10 , KD6, KD5 KD box, ect..

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DW Mining , as a leading global miner wholesaler , located in Shenzhen , we are also dedicated in providing all kinds of miner mining accessories to serve our customers initial need.

We have other accessories like miners cooling fans , miner cable, miner control board, miner hash board , miner power supply .

In the past two years of pandemic period, our customers enjoyed the online site visits and video conversations with the sales service team to monitor their shipment, which presents more visibility of their orders and improves the order processing lead time and enhances the payment security.

Different from traditional online sellers, DW Mining has invested heavily in warehousing facility and building a technical and logistic team in order for customers to enjoy agile miner delivery. In the origin of product sourcing and international logistic hub in Hong Kong, it leverages the ownership of nearly 3,000 ㎡ warehouse, enabling our customers to track and trace their fast-moving orders from the order execution to machine installation in place and smooth running into mining operation.

Around-the-clock professional service and technical supports are provided from customers' initial requests for quotation to after-sale problem solving. In addition to the miner machine configuration solution and mining operation performance, it is well known among our frequent customers that the premium service differentiates DW Mining from other suppliers and therefore has been widely recognized by customers from 34 countries, mostly from North America and Europe (mainly Russia).

We have a coverage of antminer, whatsaminer, Avalon miner, Goldshell miner, innosilicon miner ,Jasminer ,cooling fans, control boards, PSU power supply ect. welcome for inquiry anytime!

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