Ipollo G1 36GPS 2800W Ipollo V1 Mini 300mh Ipollo V1 Mini Classic WiFi 130mh Asic Miner

Model:           iPollo V1 Mini

Type :            ASIC miner

Feature:          Mining Machine

Hashrate:         300MH/s

Power:           240W

Size:             78*148*158

Weight:           3KG

Payment:         T/T USDT

Brand:           iPollo V1 Mini

Keyword:         ETC Miner


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Ipollo G1 36GPS 2800W Ipollo V1 Mini 300mh Ipollo V1 Mini Classic WiFi 130mh Asic Miner

Big computing power Low power consumption

V1 mini has a built-in self-developed high-performance computing chipwhich has powerful computing power

and is more energy-savingandpower-savingand

comprehensively improves mining efficiency

Hash rate300MH/S

Decentralized small miner

In order to enable more people to jointly maintain

and support the security of the Ethereum network,IPOLLC launched the home version of the V1 mini miner.In the future, more than 51% of the computing power equipment will be generated by decentralized small miner.

Power consumption ratio :0.8W/M

Simple design

Compared with other modelstheV1 mini model is more

compact and cleaner.It can not only adapt to various environments such as home and workbut also easier

to install and save space

Support currency ETH

Manufacturer iPollo
Model iPollo V1 mini
Hashrate(MH/s) 300±10%
Consumption(W) 240±10%
Hashrate consumption ratio (WM/H) 0.8
Encryption algorithm/token Ethash/ETH
Digital Currency ETH,ETC,ZIL,ETP,EXP…

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