High hashrate Jasminer X4-Q ETH Miner Crypto Mining Machine Jasminer X4-Q Blockchain Miner

Model:           Jasminer X4-Q

Type :            ASIC miner

Feature:          ETh Miner

Specifications:   1040mh/S

Power:          480W

Size:            482.2*360*134CM

Weight:         10KG

Payment:        T/T USDT

Manufacturer:    Jasminer

Keyword:        Jasminer X4-Q


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JASMINER X4-Q is equipped with JASMINER's self-developed high-throughputi ntelligent engine, based on the world's leading "storage and computing

high-throughput arithmetic chip, specifically built for"complex giant" blockchai in networks. It requires only 480w±10% of power consumption to obtain

1040MH/s±10% of ultra-high hash rate,providing a new performance to reduce cost and increase efficiency for applications such as home use,IDC server

room or professional sites. With multiple advantages such as high potency&low consumption, easy deployment, silence and environmental friendly, it

brings customers an absolute Comfortable Experience.

Highlight l.

Extreme efficiency&brilliant future

JASMINER X4-Q has a newly upgraded 1040MH/s ±10% stronger core computing performance and a 0.46 J/MH power consumption ratio,providing a fully promotion for the pursuit of ultimate performance, energy efficiency and extraord inary hash rate experience.

Highlight lI.

Ultimate silence&maximum comfort

JASMINER X4-Q is designed with a structure optimised for extreme cooling perf formance, creating a flagship silent cooling system with lower noise dB

stronger cooling, operating temperatures of 0-40°C and a noise level of≤40 dB available for bedroom use as well.

Highlight III.

Great looking&great power

Thermal friendly grille type artistic design, both highlighting the personality and t he beauty of technology, hanging lugs on both sides enable the deployed in IDC server room, home or other environments, giving stable and surging powe


Crypto Algorithm :     ETCHASH

Hashrate:            1040MH/s±10%

Power Consumption:  480w±10%(watt)

Power Efficiency :                0.46+10%(25°Cambient temperatureJ/MH)

Chip Number:                   16

Cooling Way :                   air-cooled

Fan Number:                     2

Networking Connection Mode:     RJ45 Ethernet 10/100/1000M

Operating Temperature :         0℃-40℃

Working Voltage :               200~240V

Noise :                        ≤40 db

Net Weight:                   10KG

Net Dimensions:               482.6x360x134(mm)


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