Goldshell X5 Litecoin Miner Mining Blockchain Miner Goldshell 850mh/S 1450w Miner

Model: X5
Feature: LTC Miner | Scrypt Algorithm
Specifications: 850MH | 1450W |850MH
Payment: T/T ,USDT
Size: 375 x 125 x 190mm
Weight: 4.6kg (without PSU)
Keyword: Mini Doge Asic Miner


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Feature of Goldshell X5

1. Model Goldshell X5 from Goldshell mining 3 algorithms(Scrypt) with a maximum hashrate of 850Mh/s for a power consumption of 1450W.
2. Goldshell X5 Litecoin Miner 850MH/s is here, It has the advantages of low noise and low power consumption, which is very suitable for home use.
3. Looking at the overall design, it looks the same as other Goldshell mining products, power consumption and hashrate ratio could reach down to 1.1 J/MH,Three mining modes::hashrate(850mh/s,1450w); Balance(720mh/s ,990w);Low-power(600mh/s,660w)
4. Goldshell X5 mainly get LTC
5. This miner connect many mining pools, such as huobi, Binance, and dxpool etc.More and more miners are joining mining pools to help them mine coins faster. It goes without saying that the manufacturer is looking forward to mining pools joining in, we only accept T/T USDT payment method


Our Main Product

ASIC Miner,Spare parts for mining machine,Graphics Card

Our Partners

Antminer、goldshell、Avalon、whatsminer、Innosilicon、Ipollo、Jasminer, KOI, Ibelink

Hot Models

1.We have BitmianAntminer,Avalon miner ,Whatsaminer ,Goldshell  miner ,all kinds of models are in stock ,most stable ,The first high praise.

2,We have competitive price.

3.Perfect after-sales service







July 2021


125 x 190 x 375mm



Noise level









5 - 35 °C


5 - 95 %


The rated computing power of the X5, the chip iteration single chip computing power is greatly improved, and the cost-effective optimization unit computing power is cost-effective.By running a large number of calculations of specific algorithms, transactions in the network are recorded, so as to obtain the reward given by to the computing power provider.

Note: Goldshell X5 is one of the most cost effective miners, which you deserve to have , this one is with good ROI and cheap cost.
Note: Goldshell X5 is a good miner with stable ROI , good way to invest with Goldshell X5 miner.

1. Price list:
Contact us to get latest price list everyday.

2. Hash Rate:
+-3% is within the normal range.

3. Payment:
100% payment received to comfirm the order. USDT, T/T, payment are acceptable.

4. Warranty:
Brand New miner: Bitmain, MircoBT, Cannana and Innosilicon will offer 180 days warranty (Count from the date the miner send out from the factory)
Used miner: No warranty available but manufactures offer lifetime after-sales service, like repair.

5. Test:
All used miner will be fully tested before we send them out.

Express, UPS, DHL, by air, and by land are available. For more details, please contact us.

7. Lead Time:
Brand new: Goldshell X5 miner ready to ship
Used: second hand Goldshell X5 miner takes 3-7 days to deliver .

8. Return/Refund:
Once you make the payment, we DO NOT accept return or refund. Please be aware of this.

9. Pre order miner, brand new miner , second hand miner

10. Safety Regulation

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