A1066 Pro 55T Asic Miner 3300W Asic Miners Price Mining Machine Canaan Avalon

Model: A1066 Pro
Feature: BTC/BCH Miner SHA256
Specifications: 55T | 3300W | 55Th/s
Payment: T/T ,USDT
Size: 331mm x 195mm x 292mm
Weight: 12.8kg
Keyword: A1106 Pro Asic Miner


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Feature of A1066

1. Brand New Bitcoin Miner Machine A1066 Pro bitcoin Mining ASIC miner include psu
2. so please make a serious consideration before purchase,Once you make the payment, we DO NOT accept return or refund
3. A1066 Pro is the most powerful bitcoin miner
4. A1066 Pro Crypto Miners Power consumption is 3300w, so please make sure your place can afford so much voltage watts
5. Please kindly note that the required input voltage for A1066 Pro is 220V. Wrong input voltage may probably cause miner damaged




55TH/s, -3%~+3%

Power Consumption

3300W, -5%~+5%@Wall-Plug

Power Efficiency

60J/TH, -5%~+5%@25℃


12038X4 FANs

Operating Temperature




Net Dimensions


Net Weight


Gross Dimensions


Gross Weight


Miners Price

Model Name AvalonMiner 1066pro
Hashrate 55TH/s , -3%~+3%

Power Efficiency

63J/T, -5%~+5%@25℃
65J/T, -5%~+5%@35℃
Power Consumption 3250W, -5%~+8%@Wall-Plug, 185~280V AC 50~60Hz
Power Supply AC Input 185~280V AC 50~60Hz 16A (Max)
Chips 342 x A3205 16nm ASIC
Smart Controller Canaan Kendryte K210 Artificial Intelligence SOC
Connection RJ45 Ethernet 10/100M, Daisy-Chain Connection
Air-intake Temperature -5℃~+35℃
Cooling 4 x 12038 FAN
Noise 75dB (Typical)
Operation Humidity 5%~90% Non-Condensing
Cubic Feet Per Minute 250CFM
Net Weight 11.4kg
Net Dimensions 331mm x 195mm x 292mm
PSU Plug Type C19

Regulation Safety

Caution: In order to prevent human safety accidents, such as Mining machine and power damage, fall, electric shock and fire, please install and use the machine strictly in accordance with the instructions. It’s prohibited to modify the Mining machine or power and replace the components personally.
▪ Don’t use the power supply beyond the rated voltage range.
▪ Don’t put the Mining machine in unstable places.
▪ When inspecting and repairing the Mining machine or the power supply, please entrust professional personnel for the operation.
The rated computing power of the A1066 Pro 55T , the chip iteration single chip computing power is greatly improved, and the cost-effective optimization unit computing power is cost-effective.By running a large number of calculations of specific algorithms, transactions in the network are recorded, so as to obtain the reward given by to the computing power provider.
The coin price is picking up now , you could place order now, it is very cost effective , actually many customers are buying when BTC price is down , once it picks up , the miner price will increase also .All miners will be test and clean before ship them out. Anytime if you have any question.
DW specializing in consumer electronic field over 10 years. We entered into Blockchain field since 2018 amd became a agent of Bitmain, MicroBT, Cannana and Innosilicon. We are now provide mining one-stop solution to our clients, New / Used miner / Preorder , miner box, PSU, accessories and etc.
1. Price list:
Contact us to get latest price list everyday.
2. Hash Rate:
+-3% is within the normal range.
3. Payment:
100% payment received to confirm the order. USDT, T/T, payment are acceptable.
4. Warranty:
Brand New miner: Bitmain, MircoBT, Cannana and Innosilicon will offer 180 days warranty (Count from the date the miner send out from the factory)
Used miner: No warranty available but manufactures offer lifetime after-sales service, like repair.
5. Test:
All used miner will be fully tested before we send them out.
Express, UPS, DHL, by air, and by land are available. For more details, please contact us.
7. Lead Time:
Brand new: 3-4 days
Used: 3-10 days
8. Return/Refund:
Once you make the payment, we DO NOT accept return or refund. Please be aware of this.


(1-1)  Inlet water temperature
(2-1) Caution: Wrong input voltage may probably cause miner damaged
(2-2) Three-phaseAC input wires, 10A per wire
(2-3) Operation altitude is recommended below 2000m

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