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DW Mining is a professional blockchain miner wholesaler

DW Mining is a leading global blockchain miner wholesaler dedicated to offering brand new and second hand asic miners. We have shipped 50,800 miners to over 6000 international customers and entered into new and stable partnership worldwide. The annual sales has reached $65 million in 2021 and was among the top sellers of blockchain miners and components on Alibaba in 2020 and 2021.

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core competitive advantage

  • Trustworthy


    100% safe payment, no scam no tricks ,hassle free, you are in the right hands

  • Professionalism


    With 7 years mining experience , constructive guidance and technical support

  • Cost-effective


    Competitive Price with variety of choices , covered all major brands and models

  • Efficiency


    We offer fastest shipping with 100% guaranteed custom clearance trouble free.

Project Case

Welcome to learn about our enterprise


Project Case

Welcome to learn about our enterprise


Lets move forward in a good way together!

As the market selling feature, most people would buy miners only when they see coin price at a very high level ,but buying them at the low peak is also the right choice, because there must be a time that the price would cheer up with the blockchain development routine. . Follow us , lets move for...

Our true experience

Let me share one of our true experience in mining with you . in 2020 , there was a time that the whole market coin price went down and it was very depressing , L3+ price was around 50usd to buy in China ,so my company bought 1000pcs of L3+ from market at once , as we could see that the cost was v...

7 years mining experience

As investor ,we should keep calm altitude all the time ,there must be times with good profit and times with bad profit even losing money , but for many people , they can not take it when they see the market coin price goes down, they start to be panic and be lost. With 7 years mining experience ,...

project case

Enterprise News

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    Although ether and ether are usually interchangeable, technically speaking, they are two different things. Ethernet is a distributed computer network running applications, and Ethernet is the fuel ...
  • What is Smart Mining?

    Smart mining is a process that uses information, autonomy, and technology to obtain enhanced safety, reduce operational costs, and gain better productivity for a mine site. Mining corporations emph...
  • Whats the future of mining Industry?

    Remote operations and commissioning, health and safety, collaboration, decarbonization. Four key trends that will further drive the mining industry forward, helping it to reach productivity goals, ...
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